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About Nidup

Biomethane is a natural gas equivalent, derived from organic waste and obtained by biogas cleaning and upgrading.

However, nowadays it is technically and economically difficult to upgrade biogas to biomethane at small scale, in scenarios such as small wastewater treatment plants or anaerobic digestion plants treating slurry or manure.

Small scale biogas upgrading holds the potential to unlock de-centralized bioenergy production in the form of biomethane.

Introducing NIDUP. Don’t waste your energy.


NIDUP is the simple and efficient solution designed for small-scale biogas upgrading (under 200Nm3/h raw biogas). NIDUP is based on biological and natural processes, which capture and remove undesired components from biogas. This way we obtain purified biomethane, meeting the requirements for injection in natural gas grids or use as vehicle fuel.

NIDUP integrates seamlessly with existing and new biogas plants improving their viability and sustainability.

NIDUP proporciona

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25-75% energy savings*


30-50% operating cost savings*


Integrated H2S removal, allowing to operate with any biogas**

*Vs. Available alternatives in small-scale upgrading scenarios
**Up to several thousand ppm H2S concentration


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